Monday, January 8, 2018

Feckin' Baltic

I felt that this one was an apt one for a post today, given the weather in Ireland - what a frost, eh?

This was a family from the Far East on a visit to Ireland, and I got the idea that it was WAY colder than they had expected - European summers are warm, right? Hah - tell that to the Irish weather gods, who are contrary divils at the best of times - and the girl walking in the front was clearly not comfortable judging by how she was trying to walk and keep herself warm with her arms at the same time, and her big scarf ... and as the current description du jour of cold weather in Ireland is 'baltic', after the sea, I thought I'd give it the cheerful Irish superlative 'fecking' and so came up with the title 'Cliffs of Moher: Feckin' Baltic'.

Ah, weather. Where would we be without it. It gives us something neutral and relatively harmless to talk about, at any rate. 

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