Friday, December 22, 2017

Burren Series: Clints and Grykes

I sent this one off to its new home recently. It's one of 11 little paintings I did of random people in the Burren, walking over the clints and grykes, or strange elongated gaps in the rocks there. The really amazing thing about those gaps? Each one has its own little ecosystem, with plants and flowers you wouldn't readily expect to find there, including alpine plants, and plants that are unique to the Burren too - so you can't go picking flowers unfortunately.

It's a strange lunar landscape, you either love it or hate it. And another thing about the Burren? Vanishing lakes. Seriously, it could be there one day, gone the next. After a lot of rain, water gets collected at the surface of the ground, but because there are so many clints and gryke and holes in the predominantly limestone rock, and so many small caves underneath, the water subsides. It's kind of mad. And of course led to lots of myths and legends in the area.

I'm thinking that I might go look for parts of the Burren that are less visited by humans, and see if I can get some shots of goats or sheep or cattle, maybe, or if I'm VERY lucky, I might get some foxes or pine martens in there. 

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