Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wild lilies in Ballinskelligs graveyard

You travel to the west of Ireland, these things are EVERYWHERE. Often near the famous fuchsia, which also grows wild in the west of Ireland, and blooms in the summer and autumn.

My mother - a great woman for the gardening - gave me a clump of these things several years ago. Now they are in several places in my garden, and some have even transplanted themselves to the grass verge across the road. I like that. I think it would be wonder to have these lovely vivid flowers all down the sides of the road in summer and autumn. You could have daffodils in spring, like they do on the road out of the city of Cork up to the airport - there must be a million daffs there, easy.

Doing some Photoshop doctoring today. Will probably share a few more photographs over the next few days. 

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