Thursday, November 30, 2017

A black and white shot - Mizen Head wild flowers

Another result from having forgotten to check my camera settings and subsequently playing around with Photoshop. But I love the shapes of these flowers, I know full well they are weeds, but still.

Scroll on down.

I know that photographic artist Man Ray experimented with exposures and other things when developing film and prints, and I'd love to know what he'd made of the possibilities offered by digital media.

Below is the colour version of the above shot I ended up with. The sky was unbelievably clear that day - for Ireland - and it was very sunny and warm. This was the same day we went to Three Castles Head and I had forgotten to change my settings back to the bright outdoors after I came out of the buildings at the lighthouse complex there. Still, the best way to deal with a mistake like that is to make it into an opportunity for something else, in this case playing with Photoshop.

Still prefer the B&W version above, though.

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