Friday, September 8, 2017

A new painting: Dawn

So the plan was to make four new paintings, then I saw I had another I wanted to finish and was working on FIVE of them at the same time, and realised I wouldn't be ready unless I left it at three, as I had to print out the submission form in order to complete it, and then scan it to email it, which due to one computer not having the right software and the printer refusing to work on wifi, required me to unplug from computer and plug it into my laptop .... 

Anyway, drama aside, the three paintings got submitted in the nick of time and I got a confirmation, so let's see if there is any comeback from it. 

Here's one of the three:

That's Charlie, not so much admiring the dawn but looking out for something small and wriggly he can hunt down, bring in and offer to me for breakfast, and then kill. Ah cats. 

The two I didn't finish I will get back to. Have to say the original is nicer than this digital file. But then that's probably down to my rushed photoshop editing. 

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