Monday, August 14, 2017

Making the most of lemons: A happy accident with photography

Last week when we had a young Dutch visitors over, we went on a few excursions, including one to a place I'd never been: Mizen Head in West Cork.

I counted 7 fabulous beaches, lots of mountains, some amazing wetlands, incredibly lush vegetation - located right in the middle of the Gulf Stream, so obviously lush and colourful - a very cool signalling centre and lighthouse accessible by footbridge, and one Star Wars location on Brow Head.

We went for a little walk to Three Castles Head (go to TripAdvisor for my review) and I honestly did not realise my settings on my camera were set all wrong, and my shots that day were much too exposed.  But I set about salvaging what I could with Photoshop, as I can still use a lot of the shops for paintings. But there were a few that made for marvellous images anyway, and here's one:

So yeah, a happy accident. Click on the image, all the white is the wall of the building in the signalling centre for the lighthouse at Mizen Head. It was a glorious, sunny day - just my luck, if it had been the usual morose, sombre weather for Ireland, they'd have looked a bit more normal, and I would probably have seen in the viewfinder that something was wrong. But when you get lemons, use the lemons. 

Another image I played with: 

Fun to do, and some lessons learned, the first one being: always check your camera settings before snapping. And perhaps I should look into getting the glass cover of my viewfinder replaced. 

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