Friday, July 21, 2017

Novohal Cove

So we went on another mini road trip, this time to east County Cork and found this very pretty cove called Novohal Cove which is grand until you start walking on the treacherously slippery rocks .... quite dangerous. And then there's a section of the cliff that is signposted as 'could collapse at any time', so, yeah .... While we were there I did an oil past sketch of the bit of cliff I could see from the lookout point on the left (there was a path up to it, and a great view into the neighbouring cove, which is only accessible if you're a rock climber or a sea bird) and Dolf got quite excited because he thought he spotted some sea eagles, so while it's not a great place to bring kids, it's pretty special ....

I'm thinking I might do a painting based on this photograph. 

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