Sunday, June 18, 2017

Exhibition at In-Spire Gallery, Dublin is now on.

And if you're wondering where that is and what it's like, it's at 56 Lower Gardiner Street in Dublin city, Ireland, and very near Bus Aras, the central bus station.

The last day of the exhibition is 25 June 2017. If you would like to stop by, either message me or the gallery itself through its Facebook page, which is here.

It is open from noon, and there is a lovely and inexpensive cafe two doors up, so it's an ideal stop before or after lunch. Give the door knocker a good bang or two if the door isn't open.

We're going to have an artist's talk on Thursday 22 June, kind of a round table discussion, and we are inviting artists to come and participate. Should be fun! See the gallery's Facebook page for more details.

Dino did a fantastic job hanging it. And they made a video of it, and here is the final result

And of course I have to take photos to capture the changing light in this lovely historic building, it's a Georgian townhouse and very beautiful.

Taken by my phone! And there are more on my Instagram and Twitter feeds. Enjoy!

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