Friday, October 21, 2016

Sixty-Six Days: Days 3 and 4

This was a Wednesday and because I was going off to Pilates in the evening and had a pretty busy morning and early afternoon, I didn't get to do much artwork. So let's skip to Thursday, when I went and found some watercolour drawings I hadn't painted yet, and Friday, when I did a bit more of them.

I found five little sketches of people in Galway that I had made in 2013, when we went up to the city for a day out at the Arts Festival. Great, you might say, but unfortunately they are on 3 pieces of watercolour paper. So I have two double-sided drawings. But because they are on good paper, and the same size, I'm thinking that I will be able to frame them in such a way that they are double-sided pieces. Of course I have to finish painting the reverse sides now too. Watercolour paint needs to dry!

I also found some lovely pencil sketches from a life-drawing session in Limerick Printmakers a few years ago, when they were down on Sarsfield Street, and I have started painting some of them up too. I must get back into that, it was fun.

Bathroom mirrors can be so handy. 

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