Friday, October 21, 2016

Sixty-Six Days: Day Two, Tues 11 October

I seem to have hit a wall with the literary landscapes thingie, mainly because it looks like I will have to replace our printer. Annoying. I also need to learn a few more Photoshop skills for it. I was doodling some ideas because I want to add figures in there somehow, and it occurred to me that animals might be a good choice, for all kinds of reasons. Hm. I have some drawings and images of people that I thought I might like to use, but none of them are speaking to me. So I put those aside again. Can do nothing until I have the tech aspect of that sorted anyway.

So I ended up doing a quick coloured charcoal drawing of some clutter on the table in front of me, and again was reminded of what you can do with a limited palette. Sometimes impose that discipline in colour is refreshing, especially when done on coloured paper.

What kept going through my mind is a new painting project, and a name for it came to me. This morning I found myself looking for one of my sketchbooks so I could get started on some composites to make paintings. Group portraits, double portraits, two-faced [sic] portraits, scenes from the streets. I even came up with a list of people I'd like to portray. And do I ever have access to visual material ....

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