Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sixty-six days: Day 1: the first Monday

The objective is to create a good habit, and according to research, it takes 66 days to cement a good habit into your life.

I might not do the entire 66 days one after the other, but what harm. I have other commitments too.

On Day 1 of 66, I finally finished a seascape in acrylic on paper to my satisfaction, and worked on another larger painting. The seascape was one of those that I'd put aside, in part due to other commitments not directly related to making art, but also because I couldn't see where the problem was and I have found that in such cases, it's good to put it away for a bit and when you see it with fresh eyes, it's much clearer what's not working.

What I did? Instead of beating myself up over not painting really early in the morning, I decided to take up the brush in the evening. I find I want and often need to do other things early in the day anyway, like meet deadlines for text work, sort out administration, run errands, do housework, gardening. And now that it's getting darker earlier, painting in the evening makes more sense when you need the daylight time to be outside.

I'm mulling over starting a new body of work, in addition to the literary landscapes thing.

Ballyheigue, seaweed and surf, 2016

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