Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sixty-six days: 9 and 10, 11

These are Wednesday and Thursday of last week, respectively, and Monday of this week.

Blogs written, some photos taken, a few processed, and the last of the watercolours painted on Wednesday, then it was off to pilates.

Thursday I wanted to clean out the garden shed where I also work on oil paintings (the other half hates the smell of turpentine in the house; me, I'd wear it as perfume, but we all compromise and he buys me Chanel in the duty-free) and as it hadn't been cleared out in a couple of years it was a MESS, and I only got a section of it cleaned, but I did scrub off the flowerpots and threw away several broken ones. Will need to get back in there again during the week. The spiders in there are pretty big. Am not fond of spiders.

My art work on Thursday evening was processing photos, I got several done. And I've just realised that I've a few more to take, of the watercolours I did last week. Then this week, due to suddenly being very popular for the day job of freelance translating, I had to devote less time than I would have liked to actually making work. But I did get to do a couple of things on Monday: finish some watercolour nudes and go through a box of paper and discover MORE things to paint and use, see my Instagram page. (This should take you straight to the photo I took of the clutter that had been removed from the box to the table. Good times.)

I also found some illustrations I had started for a stream-of-consciousness bit of writing I started as an exercise, but which I had to put away when I found that I was thinking about it too much and actually planning what I would write next. That wasn't the object of the exercise at all. I'll have to get back to it.

Here are some nude studies, also from some Limerick Printmakers Life-drawing Sessions, very quickly drawn. Fun to do. I particularly like the one from the rear.

So it looks like I will be working this weekend again. and now that I'm more or less caught up, I'll get to go and make more art too. Yay.

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