Friday, September 23, 2016

White Strand sprats

Kind of had to up the resolution in this one so that the sprats could be seen! I took this photo May 2016 during our mini road trip to White Strand near Spanish Point in County Clare, on what was probably the first day that really felt sort of summerish - for Ireland, all things being relative.

What is it about light on water that always affects you? Is is the movement of the light on the water, or how the colours are affected? Or does it have to do with us being mostly water, or perhaps with the notion that water can represent the subconscious? Or all of the above?

No matter. It was beautiful and restful and chilled on the warm rocks there. I think it will form some kind of annual pilgrimage, harking back to when we'd go to Spanish Point for a week in the summer for the Willie Clancy Summer School. 

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