Friday, August 5, 2016

Instagram and a watercolour drawing

I have recently started to enjoy Instagram. I only have one gripe about it: you can't upload images from a PC or laptop, only from a phone or tablet. So I can't tidy photographs of artwork before posting them on Instagram.

But I get around this by doing things like this: I take a photograph of my computer screen and what's on it, and post that up on Instagram, showing the link to the blog or website as well. I'll post a link to that later.

I also posted a photo I took (and doctored slightly) onto the Saatchi website, and prints will be available.

And finally, a drawing from a few years back, done on location in Limerick city centre, during one of the Big Screen afternoons on O'Connell Street, when there was a big All-Ireland GAA event going on and the Limerick team were playing. Great vibe on the streets. Painted up with watercolour paints because .... I suppose because I could. :-) 

And the link I mentioned earlier? Right here. Scroll down till you find the one that says Saatchi Art.

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