Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ballyhoura Forest Park, chalk pastel drawing

Well, more the view FROM the forest across the valley really, but you get the idea. I enjoyed making this, got a big sheet of orange paper and my pastels and the photograph, and got stuck in. All fixed and put away safely until I have the occasion to dig it out.

Every day I am going over photos and today I have worked on some I took while my Dutch nieces were visiting (technically just one's a niece and the other's her bestie, but I've known them both since they were little, so both are members of the extended family by default). I do have some nice ones with landscape shots that I've shared on my Flickr.com page already, but Dolf has this Photoshop trick for bringing out landscape shots that he showed me and I want him to show me again, so I'll save the rest till later. It has a way of bringing out the luminosity of the skies and the light that I love ....

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