Friday, July 29, 2016

Landscape painting - Looking East from Bonane Heritage Park

It took me a while to finish this, I kept finding things I didn't like about it, and finally it's done. We came across this place when on a road trip, and I took some photos and sketches, and eventually made this painting using acrylic paint on paper. I also reviewed the location on TripAdvisor, follow the link, and used the painting as my photo, very sneaky of me!

We just had visitors from the Netherlands and I didn't take as many photos as I could have - I tend to watch out for them more when they're here - but I did get a few real beauties of some of my relatives, but as they are young children I won't be posting them on here, but passing the shots on to their parents who will use them as they see fit. They are sensible parents.

One question, though - why do I have all these Russians viewers all of a sudden? I'm delighted, by the way - *waving to Russian followers* - but would love to know how that happened, and what I can do to make it happen again. 

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