Thursday, March 3, 2016

Family group, Palermo

I loved how people would go walking in the summer evenings as it got cooler, and the seafront park in Palermo was wonderful for people watching, and candid sketching. Lots of people saw me, even came over to take a look, and weren't in the least bit bothered by it.

I really liked Palermo. A city with so much energy, so many beautiful buildings, so much variety. And how welcoming were the people - we were making our way back to our accommodation from the seafront park, and came across a streetside block party barbecue kind of a set up, they were cooking seafood outside and people were just sitting out and enjoying it, with their kids. So I had fresh octopus, which I don't think I will ever have in Ireland simply because it can't possibly match what I had in Palermo, and some fresh mussels, so fresh in fact that they melted like butter in the mouth, gorgeous. Then when we were just passing a deli, which outside had a bit pot of sea snails roasting and smelling deliciously fishy and garlicky, I made a comment that I hadn't tried those yet - and this man getting his groceries bought a portion of them and simply handed it to me!

Palermo, an amazing city. Go there. 

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