Friday, January 22, 2016

Nude in pencil

I haven't posted up any nudes in a while, and am pretty sure I have several ones to be photographed. 

I miss life-drawing, but I would LOVE to get male models for it. It's very very hard to find them here in Ireland. Oh, I did get a charming character who was perfectly willing to pose nude for me for as long as I wanted, and my 'payment' would be in the form of a long massage. I turned him down, obviously.

(Subtext: EEuw. Creepers looking for a quick grope are NOT WELCOME.)

In the meantime, the mild weather means that I'd better go plant stuff in my garden while I can, and this afternoon I'll be assisting Dolf Patijn on a food photoshoot for charity, and this evening I'll get on with my own paintings. His Facebook page is here, by the way.

Thanks to Limerick Printmakers for their life-drawing sessions. 

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