Monday, December 7, 2015

Two group exhibitions and recent experiences with Twitter

First up, as I write, I would like to share that I currently have work in two group exhibitions (that hasn't happened in a while), some smaller pieces in Gallery Revival of Moneygall's Affordable Art Exhibition, and two in the Eclectic Mix Art Exhibition in Quay Arts of Ballina/Killaloe, on the Tipperary side of the down. Rosaleen who runs that also wants me to do one of her weekened exhibitionst. Nice!

Second, Twitter the social media miniblogging platform has proven to be interesting. I've discovered this thing called #thepowerofthehours, and you have different times and days to specifically promote your wares in a specific county. Last night was #Tipperaryhour, only fitting as last night was the launch of the exhibition in Quay Arts (located in County Tipperary) but there are other nights and times for other counties and indeed they don't have an issue with you tweeting with the hashtag at any other time. Not only was it rather good fun, but I found out about other businesses AND got myself more followers. Plus being limited in how much you can actually type per tweet makes for careful wording - but of course at the time I thought it was a bit short.

Other than that, I am my usual grinch-like self for the next couple of weeks, refusing to acknowledge C .... C .... C .... the upcoming holiday (I'll spare my readers the usual rant on how the build-up is way too long, how crass commercialism has led to a horrible sense of entitlement among the brattier of the younger generation) until about the 20th of the month when I will learn WHO will be coming to my house for lunch on the 25th which will trigger some rush buying of provisions - or not. We might just stay in and eat crackers and cheese all day and watch slasher movies.

However, it's important to many out there for various reasons, so here you go: I wish you all good cheer that isn't just the warm fuzzy side effect of the sugar in the alcohol, but the real deal you get from helping others (including non-humans) less fortunate than yourself. I wish you all enough happiness and peace over the holiday that you don't feel the need to take up the cleaver and massacre the annoying relatives that you got stuck with because nobody else wanted them - but feel free to do so in the privacy of your own mind, just don't make it real. (One's imagination can be a fantastic release valve.) And finally, I wish you a happy and successful and rewarding 2016, full of creativity, sparkle, fun, challenges and all that other good stuff that Hallmark likes to stick on its cards.

Ah go on. You know what I mean.

An older landscape I did in the early noughties, from a lay-by just outside of Killarney. Still have it, if anyone is interested in it. 

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