Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Landscape shots

One of the reasons why doing landscapes is getting so complicated is because I am drawn to the wonderful lines in the foliage of the wild hedgerows here. They're just mad. They don't follow any particular logic, they are merely plants growing towards light in whatever space they can find. They are tangled, fecund, thorny, and home to birds, insects and various rodents, investigated by cats, rabbits, foxes, dogs, ferrets and pine martens. Now they are slightly bare, but growing buds. In a few weeks there will be leaves, and later will follow blossoms, and eventually fruit. Every single year. Each hedgerow is its own ecosystem.

The fun part is getting those snarly, twisty, wonderful lines on a canvas. But that's for another blog.

One of the things I so enjoy about going out at different times of the day is the light. I have a few dozen of this particular place, in all kinds of light, but this is one of my favourites.

This farm track goes back for about half a mile, and it's very muddy and messy in wet weather, but look at how the light reflects in the puddles ... I'm facing east as I take this photo, and plan on getting some dawn shots, but am not the best at getting out of bed in the morning. Will have to time it well, after rain.

These trees are a couple of kilometres away from my house, and quite high above the little road. Every time I pass them, I want to photograph them .... so I suppose I'll just have to walk past them once a month and get the as they change with the seasons. Twelve shots. Hm. That's a calendar. 

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