Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some things worth sharing

The first: I'll be having a solo show in Limerick in June 2015, at the Library in Dooradoyle. Details to follow closer to the time, but I am also compiling a book of my paintings, and some quotes. Have seen some marvellous things on Facebook that I'm going to use, and of course will credit whoever posted them up where I can.

The second: I was invited to submit two artworks for a group exhibition in Gallery Revival, Moneygall, County Offaly. Nice! The gallery specified non-Hallmark works, so I wrote about how my people paintings are a bit unsettling when you look past the surface, and he picked two from the attachments. Am very pleased, it was a spur of the moment e-mail asking if he had room for more. I dropped up the paintings and met Joseph-Philippe who runs it, he likes to hold themed exhibitions, which suits me fine because I have different genres of work I'd like to exhibit - my people paintings, landscapes, nudes - and I'd love to try some still life and abstract works, and deadlines are marvellous for helping one focus.

And I'm off out taking photos most days. Am admiring the landscape where I live, the man-made elements of it, and the way the light changes so much. Can see why the Impressionists would get all hot and bothered over it. Landscape was SO unfashionable when I was in art college, but it's not something we should ignore as a subject, because the way the landscape is changing, and the way the human relationship with landscape is changing, you can take different things from it. Plus I've been seeing a lot of Donald Teskey's work on my Twitter feed lately, and his landscapes are simply wonderful. And also, I suppose I was influenced by John Shinnors' landscape work, his Estuary series. I've been thinking about that too. A bit. But mostly about the Impressionists.

So this morning I got some canvases and put gesso on them. I have only a vague idea of what I'm going to paint. It will probably involve acrylic paints. I did five of them. I have this idea that I'll do five of them and see what's what.

The two for Moneygall: This one and this one.


Gillian Jonker said...

Good luck with the exhibition, Orla - I LOVE the 'rummaging' painting - and not just for the name. :)

Orla Clancy said...

Thanks Gillian!