Monday, August 25, 2014

Cataloguing my works

It started when I was going through watercolour drawings in a folder - I must have hundreds of the things at this stage. It occurred to me that it might be a useful exercise in provenancing works to link the actual drawings to blog posts I did about them, and then I realised I'd need to search them all out ... and as I had started to catalogue works a few months ago, I decided to add a column in the worksheet to include the date that the work in question was blogged.

Holy moly. And here's a whole new kind of clutter.

I discovered that I'd blogged some works 3 or even 4 times, and others not at all. Great, I'm thinking. It means I've lots of pieces I have yet to share with you all. But bummer if I've shared some a tad too many times. However, it only highlights the usefulness of cataloguing one's work. It also means I'll be taking a day to scan/photograph and upload soon again.

And did I mention that I also wanted to note the folder I have filed the digital files in on my computer on the back of the works in question? In my own shorthand, of course. That's just as much fun, and will also have to be included in the catalogue file.

It's like I really REALLY want to do this before I start uploading the next batch.

Sometimes I think it would be SO NICE to have an art elf to do all this stuff for me, phone galleries to arrange viewings/visits/exhibitions, draft and send out PR stuff, nag me to do blogs/writing, arrange to deliver/collect artworks, and basically organise me ... but then I'd miss out on the digging through the clutter than I kind of enjoy. There's certain element of expectancy and delighted surprise always: did I really make that? What was I thinking? Did I think it was fab then? (Then it just gets reburied. Am starting to seriously run out of house.)

(Of course there's the whole other 'what was I thinking?' bit too, the bit which includes 'is there any way I can rescue this thing, or would it just be easier to burn it?' followed by 'why don't I turn this upside-down and see how that works?')

On another note, greetings to visitors from Swaziland, yours was the most recent new country to visit my blog. Am fairly sure we are running out of countries at this stage. And could I remind all you lovely people that I love getting comments, and that all comments are moderated? (And that if you're hoping to post up something dodgy in another language, I have access to Google Translate and I'm not afraid to use it?) Thank you, and have a great week.


Carole said...

And here's America visiting and commenting. Will you please catalog my photos?

Orla Clancy said...

Hahaha .... how are you, Carole? Nice of you to visit and comment. Hope the flood waters have receded somewhat ...