Friday, July 11, 2014

The garden this July, 2014.

For two months I worked on my garden almost every day, and then what with the wonderful weather in June, everything just blossomed ... Here are some shots.

I've no idea what this yellow stuff is called, it only blooms in the summer, and it takes over entire areas. I'm going to move some of it to the very back of the garden.

When we moved here, my mother gave me a poppy head with a few seeds in it. I keep finding poppies in the oddest of places!

I threw down a few seeds about ten years ago, and now get borage every year. Great for pollinators, the flowers are great for salads, and come the autumn the plants are great for composting.

I keep hoping the flowers on this will change to blue - they were pinkish last year, now they are white, so maybe .... 

Got a lot of iris flowers this year, due to the great weather in June. 

The staple of Irish hedgerows, the fuchsia. I have a few large bushes, all of which grew from cuttings I took from wild hedgerows. They are an incredibly prolific plant, and so pretty.

I have a couple of fruit trees out the back, so far this year I see apples only. 

Garlic grows very well in Ireland, which is great because I love it. You can't beat fresh garlic. And it is nice to draw and paint too - so versatile!

Onions going to seed. Last year I collected some seeds and got plants from them, which was nice. 

Technically a weed, but pretty and colourful all the same. I love clover flowers, and once I mow the lawn, these will be gone. Most of the lawn has white clover flowers, but there are several patches of purple.

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