Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Prices up on Saatchi page

Am feeling rather psyched, because most of them are now priced there - two of the oil ones aren't yet simply because there seemed to be technical issues at the Saatchi end, but no matter, it's only a few minutes to enter those details another time when those issues are sorted.

So, here are the ones I have posted on my Saatchi page, the links below lead you to where I posted them in this blog:

Backpacker Venus
Cigarette Smoking Man
Campo Dei Miracoli III
Carrier of This Reality
Sailing to Ischia I
Rendez-vous at the Trevi Fountain
Caloptric Chamber
Aventine Wedding (also available as prints)
Ten Minutes
All Time, Everywhere, Anyone
Campo Dei Miracoli IV

Prices are on the Saatchi page, as is other information. Now I must get back to the day job. Cheerio folks!

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