Thursday, May 1, 2014

Interesting article from the Huffington Post, and an update

And if you weren't sure what certain art terms mean, you might find them in the link.

Even though I've been making art since I was a child, I learned a few things from this. Goes to show that you can learn stuff from anyone, anytime. And yes, I too am a post-modernist.

The update: I've weighed and measured some paintings for the Saatchi Online Gallery, so now it's just a question of entering in that information, finding the link to the appropriate tax form again - can't find it where the link was, but I'm sure I will eventually - and getting that sorted, and figuring out the cost of packaging the works, as some will be more expensive than others, and ultimately figuring out what I want to charge for said works too.

I do have another project I want to finish, a front page for an e-book. Luckily it's my own project, so I needn't worry about irate authors; but still, I want it done and out there. When the book is up and available, I'll post a link to it. Any day now!

But here in County Limerick it's not raining, the dandelions on the back lawn are getting very big and cheeky, and I do have plants to move, flowerbeds to weed, flowerpots to wash, seeds to plant, daffodils to dead-head and manure to collect. All to be done over the next few days - it's a big garden. I like working in the garden. It's great exercise, and it's given me some ideas about stories and paintings and pictures .... I find that when I focus on doing something with my hands, the mind is at liberty to wander down lost pathways and discover interesting things. Or something.

See? I'm a post-modernist. 

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