Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Right, well, the Saatchi Online Gallery portfolio is being redone ...

and it's available to view here. Still no prices or whatever up, but there will be soon.

It's going to take me a few days to get all the pieces up there, and I have to go sort out weights of the individual works, so that the cost of shipping them can be calculated. And I also have to look after tax stuff too, apparently this all takes place out of the US, so I have to sign something stating I'm not a resident of that country. I dislike the bureaucratic side of it, and so have to force myself to deal with it ... and I'm finding that it might not be that bad. The few I've uploaded are this one, and the two below.

Campo Dei Miracoli IV

Ten Minutes

I've loads more to upload, but need to do it during the night, when the internet is not so busy. Can't tonight, but maybe tomorrow night. 

I want to sell art not only because I have bills to pay, but also because I would like my other half to get the nice camera he wants. And by the way, his blogspot page is here, please do go and check him out. His photography is beautiful. 

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