Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Delighted to announce over 30 thousand views!

Yep, over thirty thousand of you have visited my blog here, read the posts, looked at the pictures and the links, and ... then did whatever you usually do after you've visited a blog of someone you've never met, but whose blogs you may or may not find engaging, for whatever reason. You might think I'm mad, brilliant, ridiculous or all of the above. You might actually like my artworks. Which I hope is the case, and why many of you have returned.

You'll have excuse me. I've been reading Marion Keyes again. Her novels are so full of great, effortlessly chatty dialogue that it just spills over into whatever I end up writing.

Last time I looked at the flag counter, the most recent visitor was in the United Kingdom - greetings, neighbour! and the latest country was still Brunei. Now that 143 different countries have visited, it's possible we're running out of 'new' countries, hahahaha.

But seriously, I'm thrilled at this. I wouldn't get this exposure if I was in a traditional art gallery setting.

Oh, and to update you all on the Saatchi online thing - more paintings have been uploaded, but I have decided, for the purpose of being organised, to systemically go through ALL of my works on canvas, weigh them and measure them, and put the whole lot onto a spreadsheet, and think about a price for each piece. (Yes, I want to sell the originals. But as the maker of the works, I'll retain the copyright ....) Then, when I am ready to upload images onto the Saatchi website, I will also have the information to go with them.

Not sure yet what I want to do with all my large works on paper, would love to sell them as they are too, let the buyer sort out the presentation to suit their own setting. Or settings. Huh. Some grammar issue with that sentence. But however ....

Now, have I a picture to celebrate? Let me have a nose through my files ....

From the 2011 Sketchbook Project, # 18. Very intriguing, because for the life of me I can't remember what I wrote on the reverse.

And the inside of the forge, # 39. I didn't examine the old pile of stuff there too closely, it was a bit dark and there might have been rats .... eek. 

Thanks everyone for visiting, and thanks to those decided to follow, and thanks to those who have left comments. Until the next! 

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