Monday, February 17, 2014

A photo of the worst storm in history, Ireland

Last Wednesday, 12 February, the lovely polar vortex paid us a visit in Ireland again, but this time with a vengeance. Heavy rain, sleet, and winds of 170 km per hour caused absolute mayhem throughout the country. Our power was gone for almost 24 hours, and we were one of the lucky houses that got it back the next day, my brother and his wife didn't get theirs back until last night Sunday. Then, after the power came back, the water went. Apparently the power outage caused pumps on the reservoir to stop working, and as a result the filtration wasn't the best either, so when the water did come back the next day, we were all on boil alert.

For the next few days, power and water both came and went a couple of times. Ironically, the ground was already saturated, because during the month of January, Ireland had SEVEN times the usual amount of rain for that month. And this in a country already famous for its rainfall amount. Naturally there was flooding, but kudos to the people of Cork for their great pictures of people swimming and kayaking on the flooded streets of the city, and even the classic shot of the kayaker going to the ATM to get money out. One of those classic 'it could only happen in ...' moments.

However, with the lack of a water supply coming into the house, it is only ironic that due to this heavy rainfall, the ground around my house was so saturated that the percolation area of the septic tank was flooded, so yeah, that's only getting back to normal today. Next house I live in will be on a hill.

But back to the storm - I couldn't do much except read, but as I was on my own in the house and nervously watching the trees that are in reasonably close proximity to the structure, I got my camera and got a few shots of the sleet on the window. Things are dire indeed if you can't see some beauty in them, no matter how terrible.

Am very glad that's over. 

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Sue said...

Lovely shots! There's always a 'rainbow' somewhere, if you look hard enough;) Here in California we're way below our normal rainfall and looking at a possible drought. We usually only get about six months where it rains at all. Then 6 very dry, brown months.