Thursday, January 2, 2014

First post of 2014 - Paris and Porto

I have to say I miss travelling. But between economic circumstances and the acquisition of two adorable cats, travel is now on the back burner. But I do think about the places I've been to, and the people I've met. 

 This sketch was done in Paris, in the district of Jardin Des Plantes, which is not really on the beaten track, despite being within 20 minutes on foot from Notre Dame de Paris. It was lovely there, however. If we go back, I'll find us accommodation there.

These two drawings are from Porto, in the north of Portugal. There's a really nice market in the city, and I found it by chance while just wandering around, and across from the main entrance was this patisserie/bakery type of place, and when I looked closer I saw they had tables at the back and served little meals in there, so in I went, and spent a happy couple of hours sketching. Mirrors along the walls! So I could sketch the reflections, which was easier in the sense that I could see the faces, and also I wasn't making anyone self-conscious by staring at them.

While I think of it, I did a watercolour sketch on location in one of the parks in Porto of an elderly gentleman, and he was so kind as to hold the position for me, I just gave him the piece when I was done. 

I liked Porto. I liked the way the city wound along the banks of the river and on out to the sea, and the beaches there are magnificent. I'd go back, I'm not sure my Other Half feels the same way. 

Anyway, my plan for 2014 is to finish one art piece a week - it might not be a painting or a drawing, but that's the plan, finish one a week. I might end up working on several, but what harm. The work itself gets the subconscious and all the rest of it moving. 

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