Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A landmark!

And the landmark is: Over 15,000 individuals have seen my blog, seen examples of my art. Thank you for visiting, for browsing, and most especially, for sharing.

As always, comments are welcome.

I spent a couple of hours today clearing out clutter from the cupboard at the bottom of my kitchen dresser - how many after-dinner coffee sets does any household need? - and so now have a little more room for my favourite kind of clutter: art materials. And I have a lot more bits than I realised. My late father-in-law loved to paint and he gave me lots of his materials and some of his paintings before he died, so I don't actually need to go buy much. Bedankt, Pa Patijn, hartelijk bedankt.

And now, an image:

A watercolour drawing from Estrella Park in Lisbon, simply entitled Two Girls in Black T-shirts

I still have lots more of these things to paint up. 

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