Monday, October 7, 2013

Three watercolour drawings made in San Gimignano, Tuscany

I love my cats, but I do miss travelling. I enjoyed the shade in this lovely mediaeval hilltop town in Tuscany, and I'll never forget the two ladies who ran a cafĂ© right beside the main entrance into the town from the bus stop - they would not let anyone use their loos without buying something, and by golly were they ever fierce about it - so His Nibs made a dash for the jacks while I ordered us coffees and a snack, and sat down for a bit. I was so glad we did - so yes, it meant paying for the drinks etc. in order to be able to use the facilities, but the floor show more than made up for it. I could try sticking in a comparison of Roman gladiators going at it till the death, but honestly, it was more like Christians going at the lions, and being forced back by insistent politeness. But those ladies were right in a way, and I would imagine their business would not be nearly as brisk without the insistence that toilets were for customers only. The floor show was free, and quite amusing, and if you like learning other languages, quite educational also. I learned expletives in Polish, Swedish and a few others. 

The huge doorways were good during the hot part of the day, you could get in out of sun and read, or have a snack. I think that as long as you didn't leave litter behind, nobody really minded you using the doorways as a picnic area.

 One older local gentleman was only DELIGHTED to hold his position for me, which he did marvellously for about 15 minutes, allowing me to get a great drawing. Whoever he is, I am very grateful. It would be nice if more people would do this, but that's life.

And then sometimes someone stands still for long enough and you like the light and have a go at capturing it ...

I've so many drawings and paintings from my travels that I'm thinking of doing a book ....

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