Thursday, August 15, 2013

Street Festival XIII The Hands

The title is kind of self-explanatory. When I was taking the photos, these guys were a bit drunk and silly and very keen on showing off their rings, so I got several shots of hands, one or two I had to delete because of the, ahem, gestures, but anyway.

And being someone who gets a bit caught up in details from time to time, I decided to paint this up as an exercise, and see how the hands would turn out.

Naturally I drove myself crazy with this piece, what with hands being such an intricate subject and oil paint being so .... oil painty.

It probably won't be included in any future exhibitions, because it's not really that nice a painting, but as an exercise in painting hands, it was valuable for me. I've done lots of difficult foreshortening drawings, but not many paintings .... time is a consideration, as always.

What am I actually doing at the moment? I'm working on a 3-D piece with masks I made over 10 years ago, and thinking about a submission to a major art event, and how to present it. I'm also looking at exhibiting in Limerick city, and options for that. And I'm thinking about bringing more work to my nice friends at the DraĆ­ocht Gallery in Adare. And I'm going to send out a submission to a gallery in Dublin. And slowly building up something that might turn into a book of my own paintings .... and still thinking on stories. Always.

Oh, and I learned something new yesterday: acrylic paint does not dry very quickly on styrofoam. It takes HOURS. Pissy when you're trying to build up layers, but what can you do ....

AND, before I forget - I have four more Street Festival paintings, two of which are being painted now, and two that are finished.

Okay. Blog done now. Till the next! XXX

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