Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photo, and a realisation ....

First, the realisation. If I'm to make any money at all from the art, I'm going to have to consider the reproduction route. I've been against the idea for a long time, but am rethinking it. 

I've mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I'm not crazy about going the Giclée print route, and making copies of my work, but limited edition prints can be lucrative. Plus I have been showing work on the Internet for several years now anyway. 

As for making a book of my works, that would be an interesting challenge. I don't think I'd have a problem coming up with text for any of the works, especially as so many people have had so many reactions to it. And then there's the print on demand book industry, which is a godsend to people like me. It's the marketing of such a book that could be difficult. I'm not sure how e-books would work, but I do know that I could produce something as in PDF format. One thing for sure though - I'd send nothing out without an ISBN number.  

She's just so cute, and so pretty, and I could spend hours taking pictures of either of them .... another of Tina, a lady, a ninja, a ballerina, a hunter, a gymnast, a little panther and a very pretty cat. Did I mention she's also great at killing spiders?

The only reason I'm posting a photo of my cat is because I'm spending a lot of time observing them - when they are not out doing their thing out of sight in the bushes and wooded areas near the garden - and they are incredibly active. That and I have yet to upload images of paintings from my camera .... 

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