Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two Still Lifes

I hadn't done any still life work in ages, and then thought, why not? Lucky for me I always have stuff around I can draw, the perks of being a clutterbug. These are two I just finished this week.

Still Life of Onions, oil on canvas, 30x30cm 

Still Life of Quince Branch, oil on canvas, 30x30cm

Tiny pieces, for me. I like to paint big, but I don't have the facilities for that. Well, I don't have them at the moment. But these are cute. 

I had a great day on Monday, got several paintings worked on, and a few finished. Need to do a tiny bit of tweaking on one more, and then it's time to go through my various collections. These consist of:

1) Paintings I think are finished - or I thought they were finished last time I worked on them. The test is in the 'fresh eye surprise'. 

2) Paintings I started but I am sure are not finished, for whatever reason. 

3) Bits of visual references, photos, sketches, ideas, etc. for paintings that have not yet been started. 

4) Drawings that are finished in their own right, but which I want to use to make something else. 

5) Paintings to be framed. I know these are finished. 

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40Plus Teenager said...

both lovely pieces of work Orla