Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking West to the Sleeping Giant

In my last blog I had a bit of a rant about commercial galleries and what, in my own experience, they tell artists what artists must do. A commercial gallery based in Dublin reacted, saying that it was untrue and full of clichés. 

Sorry, but I've heard "you need to stick to the same subject matter" so many times, that it kind of IS a cliché. 

I'm glad that that gallery reacted, however. I haven't every visited that particular gallery, but I did send them a disc of my work, and they sent me a friendly letter which said Thank you, but your work doesn't really fit in with our vision of the gallery'. I thought, pity, because I liked what I was seeing on their website, but c'est la vie. I'm not going to argue about their vision of their own gallery and business, because I know where they are coming from, and I totally respect it. 

I would also like to reiterate that galleries I have been to have told me that in order to sell, you need to keep to the same subject matter. The gallery that reacted, I have never been there, ever. But now I want to go visit it. Not to get into an argument with the owner - on the contrary. I want to go see what their vision of their gallery is, and ask them why they pick the work they do. I think it would be interesting, and educational - I don't mind picking up new and useful information. Or gaining new insights. By reacting to my - okay, it kind of was a rant - that particular gallery has piqued my interest. 

On a completely different note, I found an old landscape I did YEARS ago, and did a little remedial work on it, and took a photo of it. 

It's acrylic on paper, done out of doors and just out of the wind about a mile outside of Ballyferriter on the Dingle Peninsula. The island is known locally as The Sleeping Giant, it really does look like a man lying on his back. I was looking at this thing for YEARS and wondering what was it that was off-kilter about the painting .... and it wasn't until I had put it away for a couple of years and took it out again that I saw what the problem was, and fixed it. (Slightly angled horizon.)

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