Thursday, May 23, 2013 has changed its look ...

... and initially was a little odd, but then so was Blogger a few months ago, but we got used to it. The same features are there, but you have to search around a bit to find them.

I have to say that I like that the images show up in high resolution now. And I still go and comment on work I like, too. There are some seriously talented people out there.

And a new image, let's see ... some drawings I think.

Yes, you've seen this one before, on a previous blog. I was looking over them and decided to add a little colour. It's still called They Turned Out To Be Dutch.

This one is Bohemia Bagel I. I liked that particular café, it was popular with a lot of tourists.

This one I called Hradcanske Namesti, after the square we were all sitting in. My Czech is very limited, I know that 'hrad' means 'castle' and 'namesti' means Square, I can order two beers, say please and thank you and do you speak English ("Mluvite Anglicky?") and that's it. But many people in Prague speak English now - which is great!

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