Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The RDS and New Irish Art

I recently changed paintings in Draíocht in Adare, County Limerick, and have been asked to consider sending some paintings to the Arts and Crafts Fair in the RDS - the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Needless to say, this would be GREAT. It's the kind of set-up that very few artists can afford to do on their own, given that stands are nearly two grand for the three days, so all the artists/craftspeople are asked to do is contribute to the cost of the stand, and the Draíocht staff will be there to man it - because they want to promote their business also. But they can't do it without us - and this is a great win-win kind of thing.

Draíocht is on the Main Street in Adare, County Limerick. They are currently working on a website.

I also want to mention the New Irish Art website, which seems to have grown expontentially. I'm impressed with what they've done and continued to do despite economic hardship. In addition to showing work for free, they also compile downloadable individual PDF catalogues, which I think is just brilliant. I don't have one with them yet, but I need to take a couple of hours with Digital Dolf and get some high-quality images of my paintings for this and two other projects. Plus I like it that New Irish Art sends me a monthly bulletin of what they're doing, and the new things they have on stream. They have just celebrated their ten-year anniversary.

The website: http://newirishart.com

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