Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cows and fish, two more oils on canvas

Five Trout by Orla Clancy, oil on canvas, 30x45cm, 2010
Can also be seen at

Red Cows by Orla Clancy, oil on canvas, 30x45cm, 2010
Can also be seen at

These two paintings were included in the exhibition the Joan Clancy Gallery this summer, and Joan will hold onto them until the last week in September, as she asked to keep them until after Culture Night. 
Why cows and fish? Well, my father loved cows and farms and the land and everything like that, and he was the first to import exotic breeds of cattle from France, Germany and Switzerland to Ireland, with a view to exporting their progeny to the United States. Growing up, we helped look after the animals, what with moving them to fresh fields, checking the fencing and water, watching them to see if any were coming into season, that kind of thing. 

And the fish: there is a small river that flows through the farm, and he loved to go down there of a summer evening and catch fish. It was far enough away from the house for some peace and tranquility, but close enough for my mother to be able to call him, in those pre-mobile phone days. While the fish tended to be small, he did catch some that were big enough to clean and eat, so Mum would fry them in butter and they were very tasty with a little salt and pepper over them. 

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