Friday, April 16, 2010

Seated male nude in charcoal

Seated male nude in charcoal, from the late 1990s.

I can't remember when exactly I drew this, but it was one of the few drawings of the male nude that I still had and liked - when we moved from the Netherlands, I had to do some serious culling and get rid of lots of material.

Right now I'm making a little film file of all my nudes and my thoughts on nudity and painting nudes. The most recent model I've been using, a young woman from Sweden who is a trained dancer, has said that as part of posing for artists, she is discovering a new reality to her body and has found that to be interesting, and from something she said I think it has helped bring her into a new direction with her own dance studies - that would be nice!

Most of the models I've worked with have been female, but I would like to work with a male model again - men and women have different centres of gravity, different musculature, different proportions, aside from the obvious male/female differences, that is.

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