Friday, December 6, 2019

A black and white photo of Beague Castle, County Limerick

For a change - monotone and a photograph. Beague Castle is up for sale, and really an interesting spot - an old tower-house castle right on the Shannon Estuary with ruined cottages beside it, and pier, and 17 other acres apparently. Ideal for the multimillionaire looking for a little project .... as long as he doesn't mind the odd tidal surge and aircraft taking off and landing at Shannon airport across the Estuary.

Originally a Viking fort - yep!, and later taken over by a Norman-Gaelic family (it grew hard to tell them apart), then given to one of Cromwell's soldiers in return for services rendered, later a watchtower during the Napoleonic era, and now a little lost castle and row of cottages which could be something really special with a little imagination and a whole lot of cash.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Mizen Head - Chips or Chowder?

That's the trouble when you love both, and both are available - decisions, decisions. Chips for lunch today, or chowder?

Chips are fries.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Family Group at Mizen Head

Sometimes you put sketches away and forget about them - I think I sketched these down at Mizen Head 3 years ago, and found them again and painted them up this week. Found myself wanting to add the suggestion of a sky because it was such a beautiful sunny day on Mizen that day .....

Monday, November 18, 2019

Brunch in Baltimore

A second blog today because I didn't post anything last week. Another family that might have already been on Sherkin that day - the ferry only takes about 15 minutes apparently.

I hadn't done any random sketches of people in a while, and I missed it. Sketching families like this reminds me of my own childhood, a bit.

Waiting for the ferry to Sherkin

This was a very quick sketch of a boy at a café near the ferry at Baltimore Harbour in West Cork, the family seemed to be eating quickly and checking their watches and watching the boats. He seemed kind of restless.

That was a beautiful day, lovely and sunny and warm. We had intended to go out of Sherkin Island ourselves but didn't, we ended up wandering up to the Beacon and just soaking up the sun and enjoying the vibe. I'm a divil for listening into phone conversations because, well, I CAN - there were many Dutch, German and French visitors and I overheard one man tell his mother very excitedly that he was at the southernmost part of Ireland and the weather was fabulous and he was having a great time. He wasn't, that's Mizen Head nearby, but I wasn't going to say anything.

Next time we're going there, we're going to Sherkin.