Saturday, January 28, 2017

Road Trip: Fanore Strand - sketches!

Fanore Strand in north-west Clare is lovely, I'd never stopped there before. It's an unusual beach, with flat rocks in the middle of it and a stream too. I liked it.

And there was a place out of the worst of the wind to sit and sketch. It was the middle of January, after all.
Fanore Strand Sketch I

Fanore Strand Sketch III

Fanore Strand Sketch II

We stayed in the area till after dark and watched the lights gradually come on on the Aran Island and on the other side of Galway Bay and Dolf took some shots of the sunset and the night sky. Those I haven't seen yet myself. Then we headed to Ennistymon.

I got a few photos myself and I'll post them up here sometime. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Playing with making marks.

Because some things I like looking at and photographing are a bit fiddly to draw, I have spent a little time looking at other ways of reproducing them. So I took to tracing with carbon paper again, with interesting results:

The fun part is dealing with the smears afterwards. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nude study of a man in charcoal/soft pastel on green paper

If you're at all squeamish about seeing men's dangly bits, don't scroll down.

I was having a root through one of my large portfolios for a large sheet of clean paper and came across some old drawings I hadn't photographed, so I took them out and got some quick shots.

This was a charcoal/pastel sketch of a male model at a University of Limerick Life-Drawing Society session I attended. I think I had 15 minutes? I didn't get to finish the hand on the hip, which was a tad frustrating, but it's still a fairly good sketch.