Sunday, July 31, 2016

Biro sketch of a Finnish girl

Well, I think she was from Finland, I was talking to another person in the group and he said they were from there, so .... this sketch is from 2002, I think.

She was wearing a long leather coat and had that long sweeping dark hair. And I think she was a little bored, and younger than the rest of the group she was with, hanging out at the pub by St John's Castle in Limerick city. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Crossed arms in Abbeyfeale, 2002

I think this was when the Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann (national festival of Irish traditional music) was in Abbeyfeale, which is not far from where I live. And I did enjoy sketching people, but it's hard to get into it again .... I'd like to get them sitting outside, cross-legged, or lying, or doing something other than sitting or standing. I've got some good ones of people reading, or texting, or watching something very fixedly. However, there are situations when drawing like this would be inappropriate, I did consider bringing my sketchpad into a church and doing people in there, but somehow that doesn't sit well with me, especially if it's a funeral. Actually, a funeral would be .... WAY out of line. So no.

But that the time I was doing loads of these sketches, I was using a bound sketch pad and not watercolour paper, as I have been using more recently, so I can't really go working on the original sketches anymore. But I can copy them, and transfer them. Hm. And I do have LOTS of these. With lots of pencil activity going on there - I was working FAST. I would have completed a sketch like this in about 7 minutes. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Landscape painting - Looking East from Bonane Heritage Park

It took me a while to finish this, I kept finding things I didn't like about it, and finally it's done. We came across this place when on a road trip, and I took some photos and sketches, and eventually made this painting using acrylic paint on paper. I also reviewed the location on TripAdvisor, follow the link, and used the painting as my photo, very sneaky of me!

We just had visitors from the Netherlands and I didn't take as many photos as I could have - I tend to watch out for them more when they're here - but I did get a few real beauties of some of my relatives, but as they are young children I won't be posting them on here, but passing the shots on to their parents who will use them as they see fit. They are sensible parents.

One question, though - why do I have all these Russians viewers all of a sudden? I'm delighted, by the way - *waving to Russian followers* - but would love to know how that happened, and what I can do to make it happen again.