Friday, April 8, 2016

One from the Sketchbook project in 2011.

Insane. Was browsing through folders from a few years back, and found these sketches. I have more bits on paper than I can remember ... and given the amount of unused paper I have still, I could easily make the same number of works on paper twice over at least. 

This is one from the Sketchbook Project I did in 2011.

The reason for going through folders is I want to do more with my online Saatchi page, I have added some sold items, and I've been looking for a suitable digital files, Saatchi requires at least 1500 pixels on the shortest side of each digital image file uploaded now. In a way it's a good thing I don't throw out digital files ... but it does mean trawling through them to find the ones I want.

Of course, they like finished paintings. However, I do plan on uploading some of the candid people watercolour sketches that I've had framed - they look wonderful - and seeing the reaction.

What am I actually painting at the moment? I'm more and more drawn to landscape lately - then I come across a random snapshot of people and I'm there 'oooh, wouldn't that make a great painting'. Le sigh. So many paintings, so little time.

Ah well. It could be worse. I could have NOTHING to do with myself, whining about being bored. That just doesn't happen.

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