Friday, October 9, 2015

Since my last post ....

1. Myles Breen has won an award. Huge congratulations to Myles and Bottom Dog Theatre Company generally. Richly deserved.

2. I've had to update technology. I'm not saying anymore other than it, and the cost of it, is keeping me awake at nights.

3. I've been thinking about ways to offset those costs, and looking at all my small works on paper and going hmmmmm .....

4. I've sent out a few submissions for inclusion in group exhibitions in other parts of Ireland. Will be interesting to see how that works out.

5. I've rediscovered the benefits of exercise. Specifically walking uphill. Damn but it tightens the rear.

6. I've bought loads of Cadbury's Turkish Delight chocolate which I am going to send to my great friend and sister from another mister Linda in the Netherlands. (Must do that this afternoon.)

7. I'm watching the sky frantically, and the back lawn, hoping they will clear and dry respectively, so I can mow the back lawn.

8. I'm looking at shrubs and hedging and wondering how quickly I can cut back, tidy and where necessary, poison.

9. I'm now doing art with disabled people twice a month, which I enjoy. We are exploring chalk pastels.

10. Since my last post I've completed three paintings and a chalk pastel drawing started a few more, and am hoping to participate in the next group exhibition in Moneygall, I'm doing two little acrylics for consideration. Even if he doesn't want them, I'm pleased with them.

11. Dolf and I went on a road trip around the BĂ©ara Peninsula and it was LOVELY. I posted my favourite photos I took along the way on and they have been getting lots of stars.

12. I'm learning the art of less is more with regard to photo editing. And realise that I still haven't gone through my camera manual, yikes.

13. I've started a few blog posts but either not finished them, or decided to change them and expand them, or simply deleted them. But I do enjoy the Draft option.

14. I went through my various computer folders and found hundreds of photos I'd forgotten about, including some really cool shots taken in Portugal. I miss travelling.

Now for a picture:

Ballyheigue Strand at Lough Akeragh Outlet, 2015, acrylic on paper