Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Salon du Chat and other stories

I had heard about it, and indeed there was one during the famous Electric Picnic music event in Ireland, and there have been one in Limerick a few months ago, and I'd only heard GOOD things about it, so I decided I'd go in and check it out.

So glad I did. Salon du Chat is not French for Salon of the Cat - but you'd be forgiven for thinking it - but is a play on the concept of 'salon' and the English word 'chat', as in to talk to with another person in an informal manner, or indeed to talk to another person via an application on the Internet, only in a café situation, possibly with strangers, and with a 'menu' of topics you can choose from. It was on in the Cantine on Mallow Street in Limerick City as part of the Elemental Arts Festival.

And it was nice. I liked the 'random' aspect of it, as I was seated with two young women, one from Malaysia and the other from Poland, (and my goodness but their mastery of the English language could put anyone to shame,) and an Irish lad who turned out to be a software engineer. Neither of the two girls had been aware of what was going on, but they stayed and participated for an hour before heading off to get something to eat, and another guy joined our table. All the stuff we talked about, wow - Giant memories, Sharing is Caring, GIY, to name but a few, and of course the beauty of the conversations is that it could not but flow into other subjects and other topics.

Great fun. Can think of a few people who'd enjoy it. Will let them know about it in good time, they might want to go to it. Apparently the organisers want to hold a Salon du Chat five times every year ... :-D.

Culture Night is next Friday - what will I go see? Lots and lots going on ... we are spoiled for choice.

And further to the cataloguing of works and going through folders, I'm delighted to discover a whole rake of watercolour drawings I'd recorded, here are some from Sicily, once place I was very very sad to leave ... Here are a few of them. Enjoy.

Catania, Curious Germans (I think)

Couple On Holiday

Family Group, Palermo

Ice Cream for Lunch! Catania

In Cefalu

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