Monday, May 13, 2013

A potential Masters project?

In my messing around with the notion of 'punctum' as described by Susan Sontag in On Photography, I got ever so slightly sidetracked. The 'punctum' is the visual hook in any photograph that engages the viewer's interest/attention and thus influences how the individual interprets the photo, so I started looking at sketches I had made with a 'punctum' in mind, and tried to highlight said 'punctums' with colour.

Then I picked up On Photography again after 10 years, and as I was making my way through the first chapter, I couldn't help thinking that the ubiquity of photography might well now be overtaken by the ubiquity of the medium most commonly used to display it today - the Internet, and all of the communication thingies that are used, including social media. I haven't even started to explore the implications of this yet, but I'm sure memes will feature. And there goes the context ....

But anyway, I have processed some of the images I was looking at - from my visits to the wonderful city of Prague, which I hope to visit again someday. Below are a few of them. Enjoy.

Rainbow Seating near the Hrad entrance

View from Vysehrad, Prague

Jewish Quarter Café (Caesar Salad)

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