Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old Gate Lodge near Ballingarry

I needed to work on this painting again, I just wasn't happy with it. For some reason it wasn't working for me.

I think it was the old Gate Lodge to a local big house, but I'm not sure. It's certainly picturesque, if a bit overgrown there now. Might even have been a chapel, I suppose I should ask around.

I can think of 4 derelict buildings like this in the vicinity of my own house: the old forge at the end of the road, this gate house/chapel, and another mansion that the owners have left fall into ruin simply because they didn't want to pay the taxes on it, and an old farmyard that might be habitable if it were cleaned up. I find it very sad that it's actually cheaper to build a new house than it is to restore an old house and add a new twist to it. Most new houses I see today I'd run over with a bulldozer in a heartbeat, they're that ugly. But anyway ....

This painting actually needs a box frame around it, so after I've paid a few bills I'll take it to a framers and see what they can do with it. And I'll bring it to one of two galleries for display and sale. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More on Papergirl

I just thought I'd share this, seeing as I mentioned it in my previous post: Papergirl. To provide some background to it, here is the Papergirl Wikipedia Page. And the next deadline is very soon, 15 April to be precise, and is in Estonia.

I like the idea, mainly because at the moment I'm a bit pissed off about the gallery situation. It seems that in Ireland, there are no big commercial galleries taking on work. I suppose that the habitual buyers of art are still not buying like they used to, and I can relate ... but still. Not being able to move stuff on has the knock-on effect of making you reluctant to make more work if you can't store it, and if you don't keep yourself busy and focused on your materials, you aren't keeping the art muscles flexed.

Galleries have overheads, and can pick and choose. Many have told me that they love my work, they get it, but that most buyers don't. However, one of the jobs of galleries is to EXPLAIN the work, and HELP potential buyers understand it ... this is why they get that commission.

But back to the concept of Papergirl. I like that it's not curated, not gallery-focused, but very much art for everyone. I'm not about sticking two fingers at the galleries - no. I want to get my work out there. And this is one way .... it won't make me any money, but I'm not making any money on the art now anyway. But I will gain some storage space.

So I'll go off and get a few pieces and send them on. Can't hurt.