Monday, March 25, 2013

It's been a while ....

It has been a big break, and I've had some stops and starts - I'm working on an acrylic piece that I'm sure will have me bald from tearing my hair out, so I'm just going to put it away for a couple of weeks. Looking at it with fresh eyes will help.

The Street Party ones are still not finished, I took a little detour to make a piece for a specific event and it felt good .... so now I'm changing direction slightly. I have a feeling I'm going back over another part of the spiral. But I will still do a few more street party pieces. They are a celebration in themselves.

I also keep finding new watercolour drawings. I have so many of the bloody things, I should really make them into a series of books. But I'm also looking at this PaperGirl idea, which is a non-curated thing and I quite like the randomness of it. It seems to be a worldwide thing, and you send your works on paper (or digital pieces to be printed out) to the exhibition location, everything sent in is displayed, then all the pieces are rolled up, put in bags and volunteers on bicycles bring them around and distribute them to people on the street. I love the idea. Of course, it's possible that some pieces will end up in the rubbish, but so what .... more art is made than can be thrown away anyway. Human beings are bottomless pits when it comes to creativity.

Nice to see I still have visitors to my page over the past month, despite my lack of activity. Thank you for that, guys.

Now for an image:

This is an oldie, called Near Eyries, and is gouache on paper. Eyries is a very small town on the Béara Peninsula in West Cork, Ireland, and the coastline is pretty spectacular. The sunsets are even more so. The great thing about Béara is that despite the affluence during the Celtic Tiger era, the roads were never widened to allow great big monstrosities of tour buses access to it; like nearby Iveragh, also known as the Ring of Kerry; so you can only drive it in a car or small bus, and if you're feeling particularly robust, you could chance it on a bike. Wear a helmet, bring rain gear. And watch out for sheep.