Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hitting a wall, Anglo-Saxon style

I wonder if I'm the only artist I know who goes out to my oil painting I'm currently working on, and am pleased with, and looks at it and thinks 'no, not today.'

Very frustrating, especially as I want to get ON with my Street Party series. I have had two sessions with this particular piece, both have been great, and then I go to do a third one and hit the brakes. Something in my head says 'uh uh' with downward intonation.

It is as annoying as that Anglo-Saxon expletive one doesn't use in polite company.

But slightly less annoying than those times when I swallowed that feeling, overrode the brakes and picked up the brush/knife again to work on a piece .... only to repeatedly utter the Anglo-Saxon expletive at a loud volume because, well, I messed up what had been turning into a good piece. Which I suppose has to count as some sort of consolation.

Anyway, instead of working on the painting, I went back to my computer and sat down and worked more on the story that seems to be turning into a mad ... story. I read over what I had written and  wrote another 500 words.

And what do you do when you have messed up something that had been promising? I'm working with oils and liquin, so I can pick up a rag and wipe it away, and then I just clean my brushes and walk away because the frame of mind is not quite what is required, and go do something else and try not to think of the time I have wasted. See, I have learned from those experiences.

As you do.

No images today. Sorry. But next time. I promise. 

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