Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Paris: the Jardins Des Plantes quarter

Well, Jardins Des Plantes was the name our DK Eyewitness Travel Guides gave to the area of Paris where the Islamic Cultural Centre was located, and the Roman Arena, and where many students in Paris have their term-time accommodation - and there were hundreds of great eateries in the area, just as good and considerably less pricey and less busy than in the neighbouring Saint Germain quarter.

I'm very pleased with this drawing because I spent ages getting the foreshortening in the leg right, and the guy, fair play to him, was very patient and didn't get up and walk away when he realised I was drawing him. Nice when people are so obliging. As I write I'm reminded of a very nice older gentleman in Porto, the city in the north of Portugal, who kept sitting as I did a quick pencil sketch with watercolour of him, he was so nice and so pleased that I gave him the finished piece, still wet - in a way I am sorry, but gosh, if I kept every single drawing of people I ever made ... I wouldn't be able to live in my house, I'd have so much paper, it would be like a tinder box.

More news: the images on Flickr.com have been liked and commented on a lot lately, which is also nice. I get the impression that people are now looking at art with intent - financial markets around the world might just be stabilising a bit, and they only need to stabilise a bit for people to go 'okay, what will I spend this money on, oh, isn't this a nice bit of art'. I'm thinking it's time to organise another solo exhibition, also with intent; this time in a city where there are loads of people and loads of parking spaces. 

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